Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Caleb

Happy Birthday Caleb!! Today's the day!! I can't believe that it was 2 years ago that I was hugely pregnant and insanely uncomfortable. We love Caleb and he is turning into such a funny, very independent minded boy.

Ben was in Japan & Korea the last 2 weeks (we picked him up last night) and Caleb was super excited to see him again. He wouldn't let Ben put him down! We had a fun birthday celebration last night at Grandma & Grandpa Rollins house.

Have I mentioned Caleb is an intense sugar addict?? He vehemently refuses all things green, while inhaling all things chocolate and sugary! I'm amazed the kid still grows!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Luke's 1st set of stitches

Yesterday, Luke split his eyebrow open and we visited the local urgent care to get 6 studly stitches. Really the story is stupid and sad...he wasn't being crazy or even playing rough. He had just finished watching a movie on the Gorilla Bag. He turned around to find me and we started talking. The top of the bag he was still sitting on was covering part of the side table and he didn't realize. He went to throw his head into the bag and instead rammed it into the side of the table. Ben was taking a final and Caleb was asleep so we stopped the bleeding (mostly) and then Luke feel asleep holding a towel to his head.

When Ben got home and Luke woke up we drove over to see the doctor. We didn't have to wait long and Luke was super, super brave. Not a tear dropped. They draped his face so he couldn't see anything but a towel, the nurse held his head, and I held his hands, but we probably didn't need to. Really, he held totally still, squinted his little eyes and sort of shook. I teared up instead! I didn't expect him to it handle so well. O yea, the other part of his eyebrow is red because when I took off the band aid today it totally ripped out all his eyebrow hairs. Oops!

Here are some pictures Ben took today after church.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Who drives that car?

Imagine the kind of girl that drives this car...she's probably an athletic, strong, Teva wearing, camp loving, and REI shopping kind of girl. Everything that I'm not, yet I've been driving this car around all day masquerading as her. Ben took a kayaking class this semester and is also part of the Outdoors Club at school. Last night we had a BBQ with the club and he was in charge of bringing the kayaks.

Ben tells me he was shocked when he showed up to the kayak class and a couple girls were teaching. He says that he's been married to me for so long now that his ideas of what girls "do" has become skewed. Whoops!

Caleb at the picnic!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Johnson School Follies

At the end of each school year the Johnson school puts together a show called "The Johnson School Follies." Students create mini videos of all sorts of stuff in regards to business school. Last year a couple of dads made a video about the exclusive OGK club - Old Guys with Kids. You can go to youtube and search "johnson school follies" and it should show up, among others. So this year Ben decided to create an OGK production. He had kids of MBA students dress up and answer interview questions in a room at the school. For example, "Tell me about your strengths." Or, "Tell me about a time you showed leadership." Sort of an Out of the Mouths of Babes type film. It got lots of laughs last night and you might like to see it so here's the link...