Thursday, October 27, 2011

For Grandma

Some pictures for Grandma Carol since she just learned how to find our blogs and use email!

This is Greta a few weeks ago when visiting Gardner Village. We went here last year, Grandma, when you were visiting in October. All the cute shops and witches...

This is Caleb playing soccer a few Saturdays ago. He likes it. Kinda.

This is us last month in Vegas at a botanical garden. We stopped here overnight on our way to San Diego to accompany Ben on a business trip and also go to SeaWorld, Legoland, and the beach.

The boys at the beach in Oceanside. They loved it all. The waves, the sand, the sun. They were filthy, tired boys by the end of the day.

Greta did not like the beach. She refused to even touch the sand and when we forced it for pictures sake she screamed like this.

She did like sitting on the blanket and eating PBJ. Shortly after this she took a nap in her stroller under the umbrella.

This is Luke back in July. He busted his wrist when running through the yard and tripping. We drove up to Layton and Dr Grandpa wrapped it up!

This is 'May Ma' (what Greta is currently calling Grandma) at Farmington Festival Parade back in July.

This was taken on the Salt Flats on our way to San Jose back in July. Ben had another business trip so we went to visit with friends!

There's a quick update of the last few months. I'll try to be better!!!!
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