Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Funny Or Sad?

A couple weeks ago we were saying prayer before dinner and Greta just stopped near the table and folded her arms. Typically she doesn't close her eyes but I noticed that this time she was trying to keep her eyes shut. Right as the prayer was ending she fell forward and slapped the floor with her body. It seems standing, folding arms, closing eyes, and balancing is still pretty tricky!

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It was dang funny although she was sad and crying. That'll teach her to pray, right?


Our parents are awesome!!  Last week I actually had to paint my toes because they were going to be exposed for the first time since September.  All the grown-up Rollins went to Maui for a week and it was fabulous!  Thank you Mom and Dad Dutson for staying with our kids and thank you Mom and Dad Rollins for taking us on such a memorable trip!

Took a drive to Hana.  Above is Hamoa beach just passed Hana.

Swam in the 1 of the 7 sacred pools on the road to Hana.

Did some early morning kayaking in the ocean with the whales.  One swam right under us and then came up to breath a few feet away.  Yes, totally awesome!

Luau at the Grand Wailea.

Biking down the volcanco.

Above the clouds on the way down the volcano.


The last beautiful morning before taking the last waterfall hike.

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Not the typical relaxing, sun-bathing Hawaii trip.  In fact I think I was more tired and exhausted when I got home than before we left, but also one of the most fun and exciting trips we've taken in a long time.  It was really nice to just be outside for so much of the day and without our kids fighting, yelling or needing something!  Not once for a whole week did I say, "stop touching your sister," "finish your dinner," "don't spit on your brother," or "turn off that DS off before I throw it out the window."  It was wonderful and I want to go back soon!

A few more Hawaii pics

Forgot a few things...took a whale watching boat tour and saw 2 full whale breaches (where they come fully out of the water). I missed the closest, coolest breach because a big, fat guy was standing right in front of me with his camera. I heard all the 'ohhs' and 'ahhs' but all I saw was a giant man with big splashes on each side of him. Bummer.
Hanging from the Banyan tree in Lahaina where we did some eating and shopping.

Stand-up paddling or SUPing with Nathan's high school friend who lives on the island and took us on a awesome hike the last day which included necessary swimming in a freezing pond in order to continue on the hike. I screamed the entire swim. Cold is not me thing, but the hike was super fun. Just my level of treachery.

I never did catch a wave, but I got up without falling.

Ben did catch some waves, but he also fell onto a sea urchin.

It seems some are venomous and others are not. Luckily this one was not. Left a few little barbs in his fingers which are still working their way out.

Our wonderful family minus Tammy and Dan. Tammy had a baby days before we left! We missed them!

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Luke is 8!

In January Luke turned 8 and had a bunch of parties. First, with cousins at Grandma Rollins house.
Second, at Jack & Jill Lanes with friends. They played Laser Tag, ran, screamed, and tackled each other in the party room. It was fun to see Luke with his friends. Usually they play outside or at school so I don't see how he interacts with kids other than Caleb and Greta. He's quite crazy.

Lastly, a small party after he was baptized this past Saturday. It was a great and memorable day!

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