Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bring on the Pink!! maybe...

For those unaware, we will be having another baby in December.  I had the ultrasound this last Thursday and the doctor really wasn't confident in his gender guess.  He says, "I'd guess a girl, but I'd stick with yellow."  How's that!?

Our baby did not cooperate with the probing and the best shot he got was looking up - like sitting under and looking up at the bum and was pretty vague.  He says, "I don't see anything that looks like a boy, but there could easily be something stuck up in there."  Nice, heh?

We're headed to Utah next week and they tell me that you can have an ultrasound to determine gender at any mall, at any time.  I might have to find one of those places just to confirm the guess.  Best news is that all those little developing body parts appeared perfect.  Phew!