Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Greta Girl

She's growin'. This is Greta on her 4 month birthday. She's even bigger now. She'll be 5 months on Saturday. In this picture you can really see her baby blues.

My mom made these pants thanks to Alissa's posted pattern. Alissa, the women in my mom's knitting group are now circling the pattern and my sister has sent in measurements to have mom get on making a pair for her boy.

If you look carefully you'll notice that she has already had her first pedicure...and she didn't even know it. My mom painted her toes while she slept.

Being this adorable just wipes a girl out!
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Monday, April 26, 2010

My Blue Eyed Babies

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Home Alone

Yesterday, at church, as we were all getting to Sacrament I was realizing that Luke was no where to be found. Ben took a few laps through the building and still we couldn't find him. Finally, he says to his dad, "Did you take Luke to church?" "No. Didn't you?" See, he took Caleb and so we assumed that he took Luke too.

The kicker...we have Sacrament last.

Yea, for 2 hours Luke was at home alone. Ben ran home to get him and I paced the building with Greta. 2 hours is a long time and I worried he might have felt abandoned. When I saw him coming up to the doors he was almost giddy with what he got away with. It seems he watched TV, ate candy and even changed his clothes because heck, why did he need to wear those anymore?
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