Sunday, October 18, 2009

Grandpa's Garden

Grandpa Rollins grew a surplus of all kinds of vegtables this year. We've enjoyed tomato soup and yummy salsas from home grown tomatoes. Squash soup from home grown squash. And my very favorite was the carrot ginger soup from garden grown carrots the boys helped pull up.

The boys have tried all sorts of vegtables from the garden. Luke has liked most of them including beets and green beans. Caleb has hated most of them. Both have loved the cantalope and watermelon.

Luke and Caleb have enjoyed working in the garden with Grandpa Rollins this year. I hoped they're developing a green thumb of their own!
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We picked out pumpkins yesterady to carve up in celebration of my Dad's 52nd birthday. It was a perfect day for pumpkin picking! I don't think the beauty of harvest time will ever compare to upstate NY's, but yesterday came pretty close.

Also, here's what 7 months looks like. Still coming along and getting more and more crowded.
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Newest Nephew

Kami had her son on Tuesday, October 6th. They named him Henry Paul. They are doing great and we can't wait to meet him.
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dang you, Caleb!

Recently, Caleb has had a poop problem. He's had a little rash (what the pediatrician diagnosed yesterday as a strep A infection) around his bum hole which makes pooping pretty painful and bloody. (sorry) And so, he will hold his poop for as long as it will hold and then unload in his pants, and sometimes in the potty. (Sorry again, I have to set up the story.) Although I feel bad it hurts him to poop it's got to come out one way or another so can he please put it in the potty!?!

A week or so ago I was at lunch with my grandma who was visiting, my aunt, my mom, her friend, and Caleb. Before getting there my grandma had bought Caleb some little figure guys and he took them into the restaurant to play with. At the end of the meal Caleb began doing his poop dance which I've come to recognize and loathe. I took him to the potty where he peed and then refused to poop saying, "see mom, there's no poop." He was even holding his little legs together in order to keep his cheeks together and keep the poop in. I told him that I was going to have to take his new toys until he could put his poop in the potty. The stink said while sitting on the potty and squeezing, "I want you to. I want you to take my toys!" Fine.

We went back to the table where he immediately took his toys and threw them across the table at me. He didn't poop until later that day.

Last week on an especially frustrating day on and off the potty. He says to me from the couch, "the quickest way to stop poop is to sit on a pillow." What?? He sits on a pillow and sort of bounces up and down until the 'pains' stop and then he'll go play again until finally...the poop has no choice but to...

We finally got some medicated cream and an antibiotic to clear all this up and hopefully resume a normal bowel movement. Geez, I thought I was done cleaning up his rear.