Monday, February 22, 2010

82 gallons

The other day I was sitting in a yarn shop waiting for my mom and I needed to feed Greta. So I got her out and was nursing her when a lady who worked at the shop started chit chatting with me. She said there is a girl who comes into the shop who had triplets recently. She's been pumping in order to feed them and has needed to keep track of how much went to each boy. She's kept up a nice log and calculated that she had pumped over 82 gallons of milk.


I don't know how old her boys are, but even if they are 1 that is some serious lactating.

This got me thinking, "I wonder how much milk my body has produced?" So with a little guessing and a little calculating it seems I've given about 9 to 10 gallons of milk to Greta who is only 13 weeks old. This just blows me away and kinda grosses me out.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

What the Heck Ben is Doing and other stuff

Ben is still working away with his partner on their medical device company. Here is a link to what his company is all about -

He heads to 3 more competitions in March to bring in some more money. With a potential deal for the eye bandage looming in the air, Ben and Brian (his partner in the lab) will begin to move their product to skin.

Luke turned 6 last month with a celebration at Chuck E Cheeses...always the best in fun and pizza...well, at least fun.

For a family party I made a Poke Ball cake. I was almost done frosting the cake when Caleb told me it was an upside down cake. I guess red is suppose to be on top. Whoops!

Greta turned 2 months old the beginning of Feb and smiles all the time. She's sleeping better and better usually giving me a good 6 to 7 hours.

Caleb got his hair cut and was pretty upset about it for a couple hours.

For those who liked the long hair, it will be back by summer. I didn't realize how much I liked it until I was looking through pictures from this last summer. It was so wavy and BLOND! I can't believe how much blonder it was.

Does this make anyone else as anxious for summer as me?? Watermelon at the park? I'm so ready!

As for me, I feel good and am settling into 'mother of 3.' And I feel the best about the settling when the kids look like this...

...sleeping, or seconds away from it!