Sunday, February 24, 2008


Caleb is sick...who wouldn't be after licking bowling alley chairs!! Actually, we're all sick. I came down with the raging fever and body aches last Wednesday and I'm finally able to get around again. Just in time to care for everyone else...what d'ya know?!? Even Ben was in bed with his parka on just trying to get warm. The only decent part about all of it is having lethargic boys instead of hyper, making continual messes boys. Caleb who has never watched more than 10 minutes of TV at a time actually watched the entire Dumbo movie while just cuddling "mommy." It was great!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Parenting Classes

So Ben signed us up for a parenting course that takes place here at the community center located in our apartment complex and I just got back from the second session. Admittedly, I've been rather prideful when it comes to these meetings, particularly after the first one last week. When I walked in, I had to take a double look to make sure I was in the right meeting because based on my prideful, stereotypical judgment I could have sworn I was in an AA meeting. After today's meeting and a week full of praying and wondering why the heck I'm so dang prideful I'm feeling particularly grateful for things that I routinely take for granted like two parents who actually love each other and work together for the well being of their children (even after they're grown), a happy, healthy childhood absent from abuse and hate, and of course being raised to know, recognize, and acknowledge God's love and will for me. I hadn't realized to what degree these three things actually put me, and consequently my children, ahead of the game - so to speak. I obviously didn't do anything in this life to warrant these blessings, as proved by my selfish thoughts (If only you could have been in my head that first meeting, atrocious!!!). I am not a perfect parent, that is UNDOUBTABLLY SURE. I lose my patience with the best of them!! So in conclusion...pray for my prideful soul that I might get something out of these classes and become humble...without it having to be to painful on my part!! No curses of fatal illnesses, injuries, financial ruin etc. etc. Thanks! And to my parents who did, and continue to do a wonderful job raising and teaching me - much love and God Bless!!!

Mom and Dad Dutson

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Visiting Cornell's Bell Tower

Anna McFadden does a great job at planning weekly, yes weekly, playgroup activities for our ward. Unfortunatly Luke's gymnastics class usually falls right during the playing so we end up missing most of them. However, a few weeks ago the planned playgroup met in the afternoon at Cornell's Bell Tower to listen to the Chime Master play a mini-concert. This happens 3 or 4 times a day, 7 days a week.

This is Luke with his friends, Sienna and Baylor Monson; that's also Spencer McFadden's jacket slipping out of the picture. The Bell Tower is 8 or 9 stories high and does not have an elevator. I lost track of exactly how many flights after the first 2. We, the moms, climbed the stairs with 2 kids each. Yea, I know! Anna was the only one smart enough to bring her child-carrier backpack to haul up her littlest. Does that surprise anyone who knows her??

What a geek!!

This picture is pretty blurry, but I thought you might enjoy seeing the Chime Master in all his Ithacan glory! Notice the facial hair, knitted beanie, playing giant bells bare-footed at Cornell...I don't know, I'm thinking he might enjoy smoking a little sompen, sompen and discussing philosophy on his off days! I'm terrible, I know!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Luke says the darndest things!

A mom who was in Primary with Luke yesterday told me that Luke had been picked to come up and help with the Sharing Time lesson. The teacher asked, "Luke, can you tell us what's happening in this picture?" The picture was one of Nehpi building his ship. Luke says, "That's Jesus with a bunch of pirates." My friend says all the boys in the room perked up and then wanted to hold the "pirate" picture. I laugh as I write this and wish I could have been there!