Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Kami!!

Kami was just nagging me via email to post some more pictures. So who better to feature than the birthday girl!! We hope you had a good day and got some fun new stuff! Too bad I don't live closer in order to borrow your cute stuff! We love you and we'll see you in a few more weeks!

Yea, the picture is a few years old, but I thought it was a good one of her (not that she ever takes a bad one, duh) and, I wouldn't get any grief about posting it!! Plus ice cream eating is totally appropriate for a birthday!


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to your cute sister! I see a huge similarity between you two in that picture. And I love Luke's curls!

Kami said...

Happy Birthday to me! Thanks for the post, I feel like a celebrity!

The Chrissy Herself said...

KAMI!! she looks gorgeous! (kami, you're gorgeous :) ...and I don't mind if you stalk my blog and randomly leave comments even though we haven't talked in almost 15 years. :) I MISS YOU!!..i hope you are happy, and healthy, and wealthy and wise!) Niki, what's the update on 'a girl's weekend' in Texas for the wedding of Brili? less than a month!

stephen & lauren reber said...

Yummy looking ice-cream. Gosh, I shouldn't be reading these on fast Sunday.

Dutson Fam said...

Nikki and fam!!! I FINALLY found you guys! I was typing just radrollins instead of THEradrollins! DUH! We miss you guys and were excited to see you in a couple weeks. I'm also excited that I finally found you so I can see more pix of the boys! Come check out our ghetto's pretty lame cuz we only have Jeffy to blog about!


See you soon!
Karlee and Brad