Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Good Bye Fall and a Grudgingly Hello to Winter

It is raining today and at times the rain is turning to snow. I hate it. These pictures are from the last couple weeks and they are how I always want to remember Ithaca.

Yellow, Lime Green & Orange leaves!! I took this picture laying on a bed of leaves beneath these trees.

Ben had a few days off last week (the fall break) and we took a day trip up to Canandaigua, NY. We stopped at the Whitmer Farm which is on the way and then visited the Sonnenberg gardens and mansion in Canandaigua. I was a little disappointed at first because I was comparing Thanksgiving Points perfectly manicured gardens to the government owned Sonnenberg gardens. There were many weeds and it seemed a little rustic, but the trees were amazing.

The mansion was really fun to walk through! Again, a little neglected, but it was like being in a movie. The dining room had a beautiful banquet table with a massive fireplace. A small breakfast/tea table was at the other end and huge glass doors on hinges allowed the entire wall to be removed and open onto a patio with a charming water feature. Just like in the movies or in my imagination when reading books from this period. I could tell of many more mansion-like features that I loved, but I'm sure are boring to readers.

The following day we went to a pumpkin patch and farm not far from here. We pet the goats, drank apple cider, and took a hay ride. It was very season appropriate!

Yea, we didn't get a great picture of either of the boys in the pumpkins.

Check out those hills! It's what we're surrounded by everywhere and it's great. Not much longer and they will be grey sticks. They are beautiful covered with snow, but you've got to take the impossible temperature with them.

And this is my cheesy boy!


Kami said...

Wow, those leaves are so pretty! We aren't looking forward to the snow either. Doesn't Winter come so fast?? Looks like a fun weekend. See you soon!

The Chrissy Herself said...

Winter? I'm sorry, never heard of it. Down here it's Fall, Summer, Summer, and Summer.

Great job on the LDS link ;) isn't that website pretty sweet? Much better for "our purposes" than ~and by "our purposes" I mean missionary work~

And kami girl!!! How the crap are you?!? You need to drop me a line and tell me how you're doing!

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness the leaves are so beautiful! I miss beautiful fall leaves living here for sure... but then it never gets cold... that might be a fair trade ;) But seriously, so, so beautiful. It looks like you guys had a great weekend and I can't believe how big your boys are! Anna loved Luke's silly face :)

Kristi said...

Autumn is my FAVORITE time of year. I love the fall colors and the cool weather. I am a California girl and enjoy visiting the snow for just a few days at a time. :)

I can't believe how your little boys are turning into such big boys!

Heather Ashby said...

Pretty photos!! I read your comment and just wanted to let you know the church is pretty heavy into this YES on Prop8 thing. They have a lot of links on if you want to read about it.

Brittany said...

Oh I love those leaves, too bad they're quickly disappearing though. Like Chrissy said TX doesn't really have spring or fall and I do miss the seasons.

Anna McF said...

Great photos! Luke's tooth is almost totally healed. It looks so white; hurray!