Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Exploring Mexico's 3rd Largest City

Here are a few places we've visited.
Grutas de Garcia...or the Garcia Caves.  You take a tram up to a massive cave – there is even a chapel inside dedicated to La Virgen de Gaudalupe.
This is in the village of Villa de Garcia where Ben spent a couple months as a missionary. Its an old Colonial town with a cute little city center.
…Yellow shirt, yellow wall, yellow ice-cream.  Happy Boy
This is Cola de Cabello...or Horsetail falls. We plan on going back here when my parents come because the drive up to the falls is really fun, the little tourist area around the trail is really cute, and because Ben didn't get to bungee jump (120 feet drop for $30). It closed by the time we got over there.
La Parque Estanzuela - Its a little walk in the woods that costs 5 pesos. A fun little building is there that teaches kids about the environment – it also made for a cool picture.
…make sure to bring a stroller on long walks.

Monterrey’s MacroPlaza.  The building is now a museum – which are very hard to do with children.



100_0615 The entire family loved this plaza because the boys could run around and the place was so big that they never ran into a single person.


k said...

What beautiful pictures! How much longer are you guys there?

Melanie said...

It looks so beautiful there! i am loving your hair and the yellow picture is priceless.

Kristi said...

Wow! What a beautiful place! I love all the pics and can't believe how fast your 2 little men are growing. :)

Sarah said...

Beautiful! I love all of the places that you guys get to go and see! That is crazy that Ben wants to bungee jump! I am so scared of heights, that stuff totally freaks me out. Crazy boy!

The Harker's said...

Looks like you are getting in all the sights while you guys are there! I showed Dave your post of the food you like there and he was very jealous! His family lived in Mexico for a few years when he was a little boy, and the whole family still talks about what great tacos they had there! Can't find them like that here!

robin said...

you are having such great adventures! and i love the pictures . . .

oh, and thanks for the great airplane story. that was a good one. lucky for me nothing like that happened!

Kendra said...

Hey - it's so fun to see all the great things you are doing. The weather looks very pleasant. Hope you enjoy the rest of your time.