Saturday, September 19, 2009


Before having Luke I taught school for about 6 months, and on the first day of school I stood with the other teachers watching the Kindergartener's come in and we said, "look how cute and little they are." And they were...little bodies with backpacks twice the size of their backs, super little compared with the big kids.

This year I sent Luke to Kindergarten and said, "Holy Cow!! Look how huge he is!! Big enough to be a Kindergartner." He's such a big boy now and loves taking the bus.

As is typical I was freaked out he would get off the wrong bus stop and be standing on the side of the road some where wondering where I was.  I told him many, many times, "do not get off the bus unless you see mom."  When the bus pulled up he was standing in his row scanning the road to find me.  He did.

It 's been a few weeks.  His transition to "school-boy" has been flawless.  I still love watching him run across the road to the bus with hair and backpack bouncing.


Kami said...

Those pictures are too cute! I'm still a little sad when I think he is big enough to be in school.

Oh, and I love his new school shoes but what I love more is when I remember how picky and excited he was about getting them! What a cute boy.

Sarah said...

What a cutie!! Seriously, when did he get so grown up? I can't get over how big our kids are. I swear it was just a year or two ago we were letting them crawl all over the floor together! I'm glad Luke's doing so well at school, and I can imagine his backpack and hair bouncing perfectly :)

Heather Ashby said...

I love his hair! He looks like such a little beach boy. Too cute.