Thursday, February 11, 2010

What the Heck Ben is Doing and other stuff

Ben is still working away with his partner on their medical device company. Here is a link to what his company is all about -

He heads to 3 more competitions in March to bring in some more money. With a potential deal for the eye bandage looming in the air, Ben and Brian (his partner in the lab) will begin to move their product to skin.

Luke turned 6 last month with a celebration at Chuck E Cheeses...always the best in fun and pizza...well, at least fun.

For a family party I made a Poke Ball cake. I was almost done frosting the cake when Caleb told me it was an upside down cake. I guess red is suppose to be on top. Whoops!

Greta turned 2 months old the beginning of Feb and smiles all the time. She's sleeping better and better usually giving me a good 6 to 7 hours.

Caleb got his hair cut and was pretty upset about it for a couple hours.

For those who liked the long hair, it will be back by summer. I didn't realize how much I liked it until I was looking through pictures from this last summer. It was so wavy and BLOND! I can't believe how much blonder it was.

Does this make anyone else as anxious for summer as me?? Watermelon at the park? I'm so ready!

As for me, I feel good and am settling into 'mother of 3.' And I feel the best about the settling when the kids look like this...

...sleeping, or seconds away from it!


Jody said...

I know I say this every time, but your kids are seriously getting so big. I knew you'd be a good mother of three. I'm ready for summer also..does it make you miss Ithaca?

Dutson Fam said...

I love Caleb's hair cut! And I love how "pouty" he is in that pic!

Paul, Kami and Henry said...

Caleb looks like a totally different kid! I'm surprised he stood there for the picture while he was so upset. Greta girl is getting so big! It'll be fun to do the Henry/Greta size comparison in the summer. Her smile is adorable. Oh, and nice job on the cake even if it is upside down. Happy Birthday to Luke!

Longest comment ever? I think so.

Melanie said...

Luke looks so much like ben in that last picture. Like Jody, I can't believe how big your boys look. Greta is beautiful. I am glad she is sleeping better for you.

Sarah said...

Your boys look so much more grown up with their hair cuts! That's not allowed :)

I think there will be some really wonderful things happening in the near future for you guys. That product is amazing. Best of luck on everything, though I really don't think you'll need it! :)