Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Greta Girl

She's growin'. This is Greta on her 4 month birthday. She's even bigger now. She'll be 5 months on Saturday. In this picture you can really see her baby blues.

My mom made these pants thanks to Alissa's posted pattern. Alissa, the women in my mom's knitting group are now circling the pattern and my sister has sent in measurements to have mom get on making a pair for her boy.

If you look carefully you'll notice that she has already had her first pedicure...and she didn't even know it. My mom painted her toes while she slept.

Being this adorable just wipes a girl out!
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Alissa said...

oh yay! she's really just so adorable! glad you love the pants!

Paul, Kami and Henry said...

Oh, that girl melts my heart! What's with the swaddle in the bumbo? Those pants are adorable. Just a few more weeks until I can snuggle that little lady and your boys!

Dutson Fam said...

I love the pants your Mom made.

And the pic in the Bumbo is a classic!

Hayter Family said...

i love love love those pants! love 'em. love her...she's adorable. so i just read your story about luke skipping out on church...that just made my week. awesome. kellen would be in heaven. he would love it even more if he was with luke.