Wednesday, November 17, 2010

To Post or Not to Post

Our blog is not private so sometimes I worry about the thoughts of people who don't know us and our values.  But whatever!  Here's the story.

When we moved in I hung some curtains in the kitchen to cover the sliding glass door.  I was worried the boys would get chasing each other around the table (or whatever riotous behavior) and yank the curtain rod out of the wall.  Ben told them that if they touched the curtain he would cut their finger off.  Then he showed them the detached thumb trick (ya know the one?) and told them when he was little he pulled on Grandma Rollins curtains.

Now every time they swish past the curtain they begin to whimper in a sort of "I don't think mom or dad would do that...or would they?"  Yea, they're adequately confused and we're bad parents.


MelRol said...

We'll have to try that threat too!

Leah said...

I totally understand your dilemma. I loved this post!