Friday, December 3, 2010

Miss What?

I've been calling Greta 'Miss' or 'Missy' or 'Little Miss' recently.  The boys have added to this endearment in a strange way and I've heard them say,  "There's the little Miss Piss" or "Hi, Missy Pissy."  It's weird...and funny!


Sarah said...

Nicole! I love getting to see your big kids! I can't believe how grown up our little babies are. Greta is so cute! And so lucky to have such great big brothers :) We would LOVE to see you guys so much. We'll be in Utah just after Christmas and it would be so fun to get together. We'll have to work something out for sure! :)

PS - I love all the new blog posts!! :)

Paul, Kami and Henry said...

Hahahaha! Funny kids. I'm getting really excited to see Little Miss and those cute boys. Only a few more days.

Anna M said...

Miss Greta has grown up so much! She is adorable and I'm glad you're all doing well.