Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Visiting Cornell's Bell Tower

Anna McFadden does a great job at planning weekly, yes weekly, playgroup activities for our ward. Unfortunatly Luke's gymnastics class usually falls right during the playing so we end up missing most of them. However, a few weeks ago the planned playgroup met in the afternoon at Cornell's Bell Tower to listen to the Chime Master play a mini-concert. This happens 3 or 4 times a day, 7 days a week.

This is Luke with his friends, Sienna and Baylor Monson; that's also Spencer McFadden's jacket slipping out of the picture. The Bell Tower is 8 or 9 stories high and does not have an elevator. I lost track of exactly how many flights after the first 2. We, the moms, climbed the stairs with 2 kids each. Yea, I know! Anna was the only one smart enough to bring her child-carrier backpack to haul up her littlest. Does that surprise anyone who knows her??

What a geek!!

This picture is pretty blurry, but I thought you might enjoy seeing the Chime Master in all his Ithacan glory! Notice the facial hair, knitted beanie, playing giant bells bare-footed at Cornell...I don't know, I'm thinking he might enjoy smoking a little sompen, sompen and discussing philosophy on his off days! I'm terrible, I know!!!


A. McF said...

It was a fun trip! I'm so glad you could come. We'll have to do more alternate times.

Sarah said...

Your description of the bell tower man is so funny! I love the picture, and yes, he does look like that kind of guy! ;) And I am so not surprised that Anna plans weekly activities, or that she was the one who thought to bring a carrier! So, so, on the ball! I still can't believe that you guys are out there together... and that Lauren and Natalie are in Texas together... we need to plan this so we can all be somewhat close again, because we miss you!!!!

And I love your comments! Even if someone has already said it, I still love hearing it from you! :) We had our Valentine's party this morning and I was totally thinking the same thing... the last one was an entire year ago! No wonder our kids look so much older.... ;)

stephen & lauren reber said...

I didn't realize that Anna McFadden was living out there. Fun that you guys are in the same place at the same time...maybe we can say the same for us this summer. Still crossing my fingers that something brings you to Texas.

Cathy said...

Great outing!! I seriously didn't know that Anna was in your Ward!! No way!! That's awesome. You look great in your picture too!