Monday, February 11, 2008

Luke says the darndest things!

A mom who was in Primary with Luke yesterday told me that Luke had been picked to come up and help with the Sharing Time lesson. The teacher asked, "Luke, can you tell us what's happening in this picture?" The picture was one of Nehpi building his ship. Luke says, "That's Jesus with a bunch of pirates." My friend says all the boys in the room perked up and then wanted to hold the "pirate" picture. I laugh as I write this and wish I could have been there!


Sarah said...

hahahaha, so cute! What a funny kid. Of course a ship like that would have pirates! :)

The Green Family said...

Kids say the funniest things!! I teach the Sunbeams in my ward and they give me something new to laugh at every week =)

Stephen & Lauren Reber said...

I love it. I'm thinking of writing a little book of all my favorite "Sunbeam" sayings. It could be sooo cute :)