Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Freakin' HOT!!!!

So we made it to Philadelphia, actually Conshohocken (yea, say that 10 times fast) a Philly suburb, right in time for their record breaking heat. It's been 98 degrees with intense humidity since we got here last Friday. Two nights ago a big storm moved in, thundered and rained on us, and now it's much more pleasant.

We went to a strawberry festival on Saturday at a 300 year old Quaker church. It was adorable, but crazy hot! Notice the wet hair and red faces.

We are liking our place despite the lack of furniture. Our search for summer housing is a novel itself so I'll spare you! We are living in a 2 bedroom apartment in a complex that offered short term leases (we're only here for 10 weeks). Luke sleeps on the floor, we sleep on a foam pad on the floor, we eat, play, read, and blog on the floor. AND, there's lots of floor space since there's no lousy furniture in the way! I should develop some tight quads with all the squatting I'll be doing this summer!

The luxurious master bedroom... Sleeping on the foam pad really isn't bad, it's the getting up that's miserable. You can't just roll off and find your way to the bathroom. You have to have muscles and use balance. Not fun at 7am, and definitely not fun in the middle of the night!

We look forward to visiting all the fun places in the Philly area over the next weeks. This Saturday we're going to head over to Hershey, PA for some chocolaty heaven. It is my birthday and all!!


kendahl said...

holy crap, i don't envy the humidity! that's pretty fun to be camping out for a few weeks though :) how's ben liking the program/summer internship? i miss you guys and want you back in the west!

Sarah said...

Yuck! That weather sounds terrible! Humidity makes the heat so, so yucky. I'm hoping the worst is over for you guys! The rosy face, sweaty hair picture of the boys is pretty cute though! And I can't even believe you guys and your adventures! I only wish I could pack up the girls and come join you! :) I bet the empty house is perfect for train tracks and for the boys to run around in, and maybe cooler that way? Who knows. And I can't wait to see all of the posts about all of the adventures you guys will be having around Philly, like the Hershey factory - yum! :)

Dutson Fam said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIKKI! Looks like you've got a fun summer planned! We miss you guys already! Have fun.

Big Brad said...

well if you are up for a big drive, come on down to Louisville. I am sure we can match your accommodations and Louisville has some cool stuff too. Sharon and I are experiencing humidity for really the first time, an it has been in the 90's. Plus we are having fun with the 17 year cicadas. Look that one up if you don't know. Have fun. oh yeah at least you get a summer change. I went year round! But now I'M DONE!!!!

Kristi said...

What an adventure you guys are having!! The sacrifice will be well worth it in the end. And what memories.... :]

The boys are at a great age that it is just one grand time after another! Oh to be young again!

Have fun at the Hershey Factory. Yum! Yum! I will look forward to seeing and hearing all about it in your next blog! :]

Happy Early Birthday Niki!

Lots of love, Kristi

stephen & lauren reber said...

You guys are so awesome. And Nicole, you are such a trooper. I think you could write a book about all of your adventures together--and it would be funny and real and interesting!