Thursday, June 12, 2008

Why I love our summer in PA

I will always think fondly of Ithaca, NY. I love that it's quiet and beautiful, and I absolutely adore our ward. We've met some great people that I will miss not living so closely to when our time in school is done. BUT...there are some pretty important things I will enthusiastically enjoy here in Philly that we can't enjoy in Ithaca.

#1 Ben is making $$$$

Yea, for 10 wonderful weeks Ben will bring home a paycheck! 10 weeks that we don't have to enter deeper into the big black hole of student loan debt - and hopefully a few more weeks after that depending on how well we stretch it!

#2 We have more than 2 radio stations that play modern music

Up in the boonies known as the finger lakes region of NY we really only have 1 station that plays modern country music and another that plays top 40 stuff. That's it! The other 4 buttons in my car are programmed to who knows what! I never push them! While we're here I will enjoy 6 car radio buttons with 6 stations that play songs that I know and like.

#3 Air Conditioning!!!

We are only 4 hours south of Ithaca so the climate is not that different. I remember miserable 90 degree days in NY last August, but for some reason people in Ithaca have a strange "air conditioner's aren't necessary" viewpoint. I wonder if it has to do with the save the earth, vegan, air conditioner's aren't worth the energy they use mentality. People will say, "yea, we have some hot days, but then the rain comes and cools things off and it's really not that bad." It's true that just before you think you're gonna die from heat exhaustion, and you and your children are on your last nerve reserved for hot days that the storm will come and blow some cool air down, but I say, "Why do we have to suffer!!!!" So, why we're in Philly I will gratefully thank Sherry Lake apartments for installing central air in all their buildings.


Alissa said...

did i already tell you that we're going to be in PA (York) in the beginning of July? Email me...we'd love to meet up with you guys!

Sarah said...

Those sound like great pluses! :) I think you guys are going to have such a fun summer, especially with the air conditioning!

Kami said...

Hey! Happy Birthday yesterday! Did you get my message? I hope you had a good day. I was thinking, you couldn't pull the "it's my birthday, you change Caleb's diaper" to Ben cuz it was Father's Day too. Anyway, we love you!

Anna McF said...

Happy Belated Birthday and hurray for a/c.

Kristi said...

Earning a paycheck, listening to good tunes AND DEFINITELY HAVING A/C would put a smile on my face!! :] (What is the deal with no a/c in Ithaca? That is just plain crazy!!)

I hope that your birthday was lots of fun!

Enjoy your continued adventure.....

stephen & lauren reber said...

Yay for money and air conditioning--it's nice to appreciate those simple pleasures :) It sounds like Philly will be another great adventure for the Rollins crew. My brother will be up in Ithaca this coming fall--be on the lookout for any eligible single girls for me, will you!! I can give you his specs :)