Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lion Head

Caleb's mane of hair, intensity, and stubbornness has earned him the name "Lion Head" in our house.

In PA we only had 3 binkis, so imagine Caleb's excitement when he came home to NY and found 10!!! It was simple when we decided to snatch Luke's binki. We were moving (surprise, surprise) and we told him they were all packed up in the boxes. He said, "Oh." And that was it.

Things will not go so smoothly when we finally decide to take Caleb's. He is absolutely more stubborn than Luke. Caleb pulls the baby BS tantrum...let me explain.

Luke seems to understand logic, or at least accept it (even when he was younger). He asks for a drink in the car, we tell him we don't have one and that we'll get one when we stop. He might whine for a minute, but then says "okay." Caleb will ask for a drink, we tell him the same thing, and he screams as if you'd just told him there was no water left on the planet. As if to say, "that's a bunch of bs and I know there is a sippy cup in your bag that you're to lazy to search for and pass back to a thirsty boy."

Also, we've always been able to get Luke to eat things that are good for him by promising him treats afterwards. Caleb will pitch a screaming fit and then, after determining I'm serious about not giving him the treats without bites of healthy food (sometimes up to 30 minutes later), he will simply walk away from all of it. Treats and all. Little stinker!! This would explain his slender frame. I swear we feed him, or at least provide food...

Lastly, so that you can all have a vivid picture of this determined little boy, one funny story. When my parents were visiting we toured an old mansion with actual artifacts that shouldn't be touched. Torture to any 2 year old. I was holding him because he was getting a little too friendly with some of the artifacts and he wasn't happy. He wanted "DOWN." I finally let him down because I was exhausted from carrying a struggling boy and as he was walking away from me he turned around and sort of squatted. He extended one arm with a fist at me and with a mean face he gave a big throaty growl. This happened a few more times just to make sure I really knew he was ticked with me. So funny, only because he's still 2!

The kid has spunk!! That's a good thing, right??


Sharon said...

How funny! What personality!

Sarah said...

I'm glad to hear that other children have spunk like my little Kate! What is with these second babies? In some ways I absolutely love it, and in others it drives me crazy! Caleb is absolutely adorable and I love his hair.

felicity & nathaniel said...

Rad Rollins,
Did you see the Cougs squeak past the Huskies today?
On a more important note, do you live near DC now? We're in MD, man. Give us a shout out!
Nathaniel, Felicity, William, and brand new, unnamed son #2

Dutson Fam said...

Ha ha! Spunk is ALWAYS good! They are so cute! I can't believe how long Caleb's hair is! Take care!

Stephen & Lauren Reber said...

What a great word for it "baby bs!" I love it. My kids both have that :) I guess it's a good thing--jury's still out.

Anna McF said...

We like spirited children. All those qualities can be good too!

dancing queen said...

How funny! I can actually hear you talking about Caleb in person in your blog! Everything you said really made me laugh out loud. As I was reading, Brianna would ask me, "What are you laughing at mom?" What a kid!!! Now, who does he get that from? LOL

Scott said...

Found your blog through Amy's. I glad to hear what I have to look forward to. As you've seen, Evelyn likes to do her own things, at her own times and in her own ways. Like on the Sapsucker-woods trail. I think she's going to be more of a Caleb. Check out our blog.
~Trina Asay