Tuesday, April 7, 2009


One Nintendo DS!!!

Yes, it's true and I hesitate and embarrassingly post about it because I feel incredibly angry and partially at fault. It happened last weekend when we took a little trip down south to visit El Cielo, a national park in the state of Tamaulipas.

It was outrageously hot and we had just pulled into the little town of Gomez Faris. Windows had been down, not all the way, not even half way, but enough for a hand to fit through (this is where our major fault lies). We would have rolled them up without a second thought if they had been automatic, but we had a rental with manual roller-uppers and it was hot, we had been in the car for 5 hours, and we were all hungry and crabby. Those are the lame excuses.

Ben asked Luke to pass him the DVD player to lock in the trunk. And so, I'm angry at Ben for not seeing the DS and locking that up to, I'm mad at Luke for not putting his DS safely back in his backpack which would have been to big to get through the window, and I'm mad at me for not double checking the back seat to make sure everything was out of site and not insisting we roll up the dang windows. The only one blameless is Caleb. And I'm sure if I seethe long enough I can come up with a way to blame him too!

Luke cried and cried. I become nauseated every time I come across DS paraphernalia. Sorry Mom, for being stupid and losing your fun and expensive gift after 3 months. Ahhhh!! At least it was just a game and not a kid, eh? I've been so sick about this I even had a dream the other night that when we cleaned out the car before returning it to the rental place we miraculously found it in some obscure cubby in the trunk. Wouldn't that be nice.


Big Brad said...

Isn't it the little things that make life fun!

Sarah said...

I would be so mad and be running all of the things we could have done to prevent it through my head, too! Of course it's gone, though. Christian's mom left a camera on a table in a restaurant in Mexico and realized in the parking lot that she did and by the time they turned around to go back in and ask about it, it was long gone. Everyone was just like, you left it, what did you think was going to happen? If you're dumb enough to leave it, we're not going to miss out on the opportunity to take it. C'est la vie. Or however you say that in Spanish... ;) Don't blame yourself, or worry about it, though. Things happen and you move on... and learn for next time! ;) I'm so sorry that it's gone though! That really stinks!

Melanie said...

AHHH! How frustrating. I'm sorry it got stolen.

When are you guys coming back?

Dutson Fam said...

No bueno!!! I'm sorry it got stolen! That's a bummer!

Those pictures of Luke and Cubs on their last day of school make me melt! We miss them!

And you guys were all missed at the wedding this weekend! Everyone seemed to ask how you guys were doing! Of course we told them you said hello!

Heather Ashby said...

Oh Nikki, I am so sorry! It's the worst feeling to lose something expensive. :( If we had an extra (or had one at all) I'd send it to you in a heart beat.