Tuesday, April 21, 2009

On the Way Home

No kidding - after packing up our car all morning we had finally taken off.  We were driving through Monterrey towards the border and we were pulled over for the 5th!! time.  Like I've mentioned, the cops are just looking for some money and when they realize we won't hand it over they have let us go.  This cop was a little more haughty and when Ben said he couldn't leave any money with him he gave Ben a ticket.  "Who cares," you may say.  "You're leaving the country!"  Problem is that it is legal for the cop to take your licence to gaurantee you pay the fine. 

So like we've been counseled we offered to follow the cop to the station in order to pay the fine immediately so that Ben could get his licence back and we could be on our way.  Turns out it was a Mexican holiday and the office was closed until Monday - this was Thursday.  Yea, I was almost in tears.  The jerky cop took his licence.  What else could we do?  When the cop was saying good-bye he put his hand in the window in order to shake hands with Ben.  I was outraged and as he's doing it I say to Ben in English, "Ew, don't shake his hand.  It deserves to be spit in."  Yea, I was mad.

To make it an even better story (this is not a joke), not 5 minutes later we were pulled over for a 6th time!  Seriously, on the same road, a few lights up.  Ben told him his amigo just gave him a ticket.  We showed him the ticket and he laughed and let us go.  I told Ben it's a bummer because all warm and fuzzies I was feeling about our time in Mexico were trampled in the last hour we were there.  So mad!

Also, on a lighter and funnier note, last week after being here a few days Luke says, "Mom, did you know that there are lots of kids here with their eyes almost shut who speak Spanish?"  Do you know what he's talking about??


Kristi said...

How sad to leave on somewhat of a sour note! Greed does some crazy things to people! I am sure you have lots of fun memories too...thank goodness!

Luke is hilarious. When (if) you figure what the heck he was talking about you'll have to clue me in. Kids are dang funny! :)

Diane said...

It was so fun to see you and meet Ben and the boys. Thanks for stopping by San Antonio! Glad you made it safely home.

Trina said...

Awesome comment from Luke! How did Ben get his license back?

Anna said...

I'm so sorry! May the rest of your trip go smoothly.

Sarah said...

You guys definitely have good stories! :) I can't believe that you're done your time in Mexico! What a fun adventure, and I'm sorry it ended on a bad note. I love the things Luke says, though!

Cathy said...

Unbelievable! You are definitely leaving just in time! You'll look back later and laugh. Maybe?

That is a crazy story!