Sunday, October 18, 2009


We picked out pumpkins yesterady to carve up in celebration of my Dad's 52nd birthday. It was a perfect day for pumpkin picking! I don't think the beauty of harvest time will ever compare to upstate NY's, but yesterday came pretty close.

Also, here's what 7 months looks like. Still coming along and getting more and more crowded.
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The Chrissy Herself said...

How fun! And you look so cute with your prego tummy!

The Neesham Family said...

Seven months?!?!? You look great! Hope you are feeling good these days. Do you know what you are having this go-around?

Much love, Torrie

Kami said...

I'm with Torrie, you look great. Looks like a fun family outing. I'm sad I missed it!

Sarah said...

You look so good!! 7 months? I am so excited for you!! I hope you're feeling as good as you look! :) I can't get over how grown up your boys are. I feel like Luke should be as old as Caleb is. Boy, they're cute!!

robin said...

oh nicole, you are too cute.

how do you keep your skinny arms when pregnant? i swear, i get fat everywhere.

Adam & Wendy said...

you look great nicole. i'm so ready for this pregnancy to be over, it has not been nice to my body...pain and looks wise!! hope you are feeling good.