Sunday, October 18, 2009

Grandpa's Garden

Grandpa Rollins grew a surplus of all kinds of vegtables this year. We've enjoyed tomato soup and yummy salsas from home grown tomatoes. Squash soup from home grown squash. And my very favorite was the carrot ginger soup from garden grown carrots the boys helped pull up.

The boys have tried all sorts of vegtables from the garden. Luke has liked most of them including beets and green beans. Caleb has hated most of them. Both have loved the cantalope and watermelon.

Luke and Caleb have enjoyed working in the garden with Grandpa Rollins this year. I hoped they're developing a green thumb of their own!
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Brittany said...

All of those creations he made with his garden sound delicious. And it looks like your boys loved helping. I'd love to have a garden, one day...

Brooke said...

wait? don't you have a new baby now? where are all the pictures?
c'mon not like there is anything better to do than blog, right?