Thursday, January 21, 2010

2 months in a flash

Who is that boy?? The hair is gone and I hardly recognize him.

Greta grew into and out of her first pair of shoes (made by Grandma Dutson). Super cute, eh?

Greta at 1 week old.

Greta at 2 weeks old.

Wrapping paper swimming after Christmas morning at G & G Rollins.

Grandpa Rollins 90th Birthday at Turf Paradise Race Track in Phoenix.

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Visiting Grandpa's Ranch and the race horses.

Cousins Greta (6 wks) and Henry (14 wks).

To remind you that Luke looks like this now.
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Jody said...

Luke definitely looks older..I like it. Isn't it weird when they reach a more grown up stage. Greta is such a doll, and you my dear look great for just having a babe! Hope all is well! I miss you..

Paul, Kami and Henry said...

Luke looks so handsome and grown up!

I'm glad you guys got to stay an extra day and show us around the race track and your Grandpa's ranch.

Oh, and I love the picture of Henry and Greta!

Brittany said...

Greta's booties are so cute! I love Luke's hair style, he looks so old!

Sarah said...

Wow! Luke does look so much more grown up! Greta is adorable, and you look so good, Nicole!!

Hayter Family said...

Greta is adorable! and i love love love her name. I HAVE to learn how to knit - those little shoes are the best. you look great! i love luke's hair...he does look so grown up. kellen always tells me "i want to grow my hair like luke". is he loving kindergarten? well now that you've had the baby, i think it's time for a trip east :)

Brooke said...

okay so i love the hair cut....did caleb get a new 'do as well? and i am with jordan...i love the name greta...what a cute family...

Anna said...

You all look wonderful!

Trina said...

Yeah. I clicked on your blog and saw the picture of Luke come up and I had to double check on whose blog I'd gotten on. I didn't recognize him, but I love it!
Greta has so much hair! So cute!