Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bleaaaaack. (me after being sick)

Me at a YW overnight retreat with the stomach flu.
Ben drove up to Heber Valley to pick me up early.
Enough said to employ your sympathies.

Also, my new calling...YW Girls Camp Director
Go ahead, laugh, Ben did.


Alissa said...

wow. go you!

Brittany said...

Wow I can't believe you are camp director! I'm sure the girls will love you and be sure to teach them all the songs we sang :-)

Wendy said...

you are nice nicole. they asked me to be camp director and i said no thank you.

Anna M said...

You will love the girls and they will love you! Hope everyone feels better soon.

Sarah said...

Oh, Nicole, that's awful! The being sick, not camp director ;) I think you are going to be an awesome camp director! Those girls are so lucky to have you. And since you're the director, you can choose to go stay in a lodge somewhere, right? ;)

I hope you're all better soon!!!

gabrielle sangy said...
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