Thursday, November 3, 2011


I should have pulled a scarier face, but o-well. This was taken at the 3rd Annual Rollins Family Halloween party! Thanks momma Rollins for all her hard work preppin' her house and making an enormous amount of chili!

Miss Lady Bug

Sunday afternoon activity

The pre-trick-or-treating posing.

The cutest Lady Bug with pig tails tails I think I've ever seen.

Waiting for Grandma and Grandpa to bring their pizza dinner.

Greta preferred her lolli-pop and didn't even try to catch up with her brothers. Later that night Ben took her home to hand out candy. He says she insisted that he open each lolli-pop. She would take a lick or 2, put the sticky mess on the table and then tell him to open the next one, take a couple of licks, on the table and then on to the next one until all lolli-pops (about 5) were tasted and tested.

It was a fun and busy Halloween. Lots of activities. Ben loves the dressing up part of Halloween and is already plotting our next costume. If only our costume budget was endless. Then he could really have some fun!
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Carol said...

inNiki, thanks for letting me be part of your Halloween celebration.
I transferred all the pics to "my Picture" folder. I am having such
a GOOD time seeing all of you.
Tomorrow I am going to try to do a skype with my niece, Dianna. She is going to have my sister at her
house and we are going to try it.

I love you all - Grams

Carol said...

I hope you received my note.