Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kids Look Like This Now

Some pictures.

Before church. Really, it's quite impossible to get a good picture of multiple children without serious photo shop.

Philip's Wedding at the Oakland Temple

BYU Football

Greta's perfect face is now permantly blemished since September. She ran her lip into a metal table while trying to climb on the metal bench. The stitch was debatable, only 1 stitch. Grandpa happened to be working a shift so I took her in. He said because it's only one stitch, one needle poke, she didn't need to be numbed. Either one poke to numb and then another to stitch, or just one poke to stitch. The worst part was the burrito bind they put her in to keep her still. I couldn't stay in the room. She was fine as soon as they let her out of the burrito and fortunately for Grandpa she forgot or didn't care that he inflicted so much torture. Went right to him the next day. Even with the stitch it's pretty scared. Hopefully she won't ever care. Fingers Crossed.
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Paul, Kami and Henry said...

I'm dying over here! My nephews are so handsome and my niece is so stinkin' cute. Sorry about the stitch. I don't think I would be able to stay in the room for the burrito-torture-stitch either.

Jody said...

Darling kids! They have gotten so big. Miss you guys!

Sarah said...

I can not get over how grown up Luke looks in that first picture! They are all so, so cute. I'm sure Greta's scar will hardly be noticeable when she's older. Poor little girl! I wouldn't have been able to stay in the room either, that stuff is so hard!

Chrissy said...

Such a cute little family!!

robin said...

BEAUTIFUL kids! they are gorgeous. and poor greta! that sounds horrible. i was squirming just reading about it. they would probably have to use the burrito thing on me!

franklinmarshall said...
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