Friday, January 18, 2008

Ben's 29th year!

Ben turned 29 years old this past Dec 28th and we went snowmobiling! Ben's dad joined with a group of doctors to be able to rent snowmobiles at a great price at pretty much any time. Everyone who wanted a ride got one. Some even saw a moose!

Luke especially loved it. Notice the metallic green snowsuit...we decided not to bring all of the boys snow gear (except for their coats) because it takes up so much suitcase space and we figured that between all the Rollins cousins we would be able to scrounge up enough clothing for the times we spent sledding, snowmobiling, and making snowmen. Thanks to DI Luke was able to sport this awesome snowsuit several times!

I think Caleb would have enjoyed it better without the helmet.
Later in the evening we had cake (always ice cream cake for Ben) and presents. I think his favorite was his dad's credit card...he went shopping the next day!

I don't know...Grandpa Rollins is looking pretty devilish in the background there! Ready to punish any little fingers that may be trying to sneak a taste before the ill-sounding birthday song is complete! Thank you mom and dad Rollins for helping put on many birthday celebrations!


stephen & lauren reber said...

You guys sure do know how to party correctly. Happy Birthday Ben! Just one more year until you can join Stephen in Club 30! :)

Sarah said...

I love all of the new posts! Happy Birthday Ben! That's awesome that you had all of your family around to celebrate birthdays with. And I love Luke's jumpsuit - it is perfect for playing in the snow! I just might have to check out DI next time we go to Utah, I end up spending so much money on snow clothes we only use for a week or two. I think you're onto something! :)

Spencer said...

technically Ben is entering his 30th year... so you may want to change the title to "Ben's 30th year!" or "Ben turns 29".. personally I prefer the former as it makes him sound older and me feel younger... just being the anoying brother/bro in law here :o) BTW, nice job on the BLOG.. you guys are pretty "hog wild" with this blog stuff... or should I say "blog wild"... heheheeehhee... are you going to ban me from posting comments now?... I guess I wouldn't blame you... nice knowin' ya!