Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Government Assistance

I hate government programs and I hate being a part of them! Let me explain...Ben and I had the option of choosing to pay for health insurance for our boys through the school as we did with ourselves. Since our boys have been healthy and have not needed any specialized help we decided to save a little money and go the medicaid way with them. I hate it! I hate the way I feel about myself when I'm asking for services, I hate the way I am (sometimes) treated, I hate the limited options I have in regards to doctors and dentists.

Luke needed to see the dentist for a cleaning and also because he bonked his front teeth last month and one is turning gray. I had received paper work in the mail informing me of 3 local dentists that participate with our particular program. Long story short...2 of the dentists no longer accept medicaid and the other one I have vowed not to go into because I have only heard terrible, scary stories from everyone. Not one even decent recommendation from anyone.

We saw one of the other two dentists only because I neglected to tell the receptionist when I made the appointment that we were medicaid and she didn't ask, so when we showed up today she lovingly (and I say that with the sappiest of sarcasm) let Luke be seen. Of course I was not spared the "you should have told me you were medicaid when you made the appointment" speech.

Not only did I have to endure the waiting room embarrassment of screwing up, Luke also had a cavity which makes any mom who is the sole brusher of her childs teeth feel guilt. Fortunately, Luke was the perfect patient - even behaving so bravely while gagging on the x-ray films jammed in his mouth.

The last time, and the only other time, I have experienced government health care was during my pregnancy with Luke. Some of you have heard the stories...even the question from the pediatrician about whether "the father is in the picture." I am working to swallow my pride and be grateful for the assistance, but...it's hard! I never thought I would look forward to the day when I am excited to pay my own bills!


Cathy said...

Nicole - I feel for you!! What a horrible experience. I can't imagine how non-students that are on Medicaid feel about being treated that way. Yikes!! You toughed it out -nice job! Sorry about the dentist deal - yuck, I would hate that too.

Sarah said...

Nicole, you are such a trooper! I'm glad that you got Luke's teeth figured out and that they didn't pull them out or something crazy like that. And you're 1/4 of the way through school already! And oh the stories you have to tell about it all! ;)

stephen & lauren reber said...

Yuck. Well, at least it made a good story. I'd save these, you could write a book one day. Life is always exciting around the Rollins!!