Monday, March 10, 2008

Icy In Ithaca

Ice Storms!! This picture does not do justice to the amazing consequence of norhteastern ice storms. Although it's crazy cold, the ice covered trees are amazing. This picture was taken on Saturday and on Sunday morning the sun was shining which is a whole new feast for the eye. The sun shines through the ice on the trees and it's like they are covered with lights. Problem is that when the ice begins to melt it falls off the trees and telephone wires in sometimes, big chunks which can be devastating to your cars...or head!
Pretty cool, huh?? While it was raining ice outside we went ice skating. Here is a snap-shot progression of Luke's learning to ice skate. He began with a death grip on dad and even tears!
There were giant orange cones all over the ice and someone finally clued us in...these aren't for directing traffic, they are for learning to skate. Holding onto these cones helped a lot!

And finally - success and consequently happiness!! Ben was a little worried his son would forever hate skating, and then there would be NO hope for another Rollins hockey player!


Sarah said...

I can't believe that Luke is skating all by himself! That is awesome! Anna still holds onto a chair or someone when skating, I'm hoping next year we'll get her by herself. And those ice storms don't sound fun at all, but the trees are so pretty. I definitely don't miss snow and ice!! ;)

Alissa said...

cute! i can barely skate by myself!

Eric and Camille said...

Wow- that ice storm is something else. I don't think I have ever seen a tree covered in ice cicles- that is so pretty! And good for Luke already ice scating! So fun!

The Chrissy Herself said...

Hey Niki! Glad you found my blog! I would have given you the address had I known you couldn't find it :) Now, you need to tell your brother and sister to make blogs... I need to know what's going on with them too!

stephen & lauren reber said...

Wow that's impressive. He looks like he really got a hang of that skating. I spend at least a few minutes of every ice skating adventure on my butt :)