Thursday, March 20, 2008

Weird Cornell Dragon Burning

Every year the Engineering Dept at Cornell spend months planning and building a giant Dragon to be marched through campus to it's inevitable death. Hundreds of undergrads dress up in strange costumes, none of which seemed to have any sort of theme, and many of them are drunk and chanting, "Burn, baby, burn!"

Professors, local families, and students line the streets around campus and then follow the procession to the Art Quad where the local fire department has secured an area where the dragon is burned to death.And that's it! The boys, including my biggest one, loved it as you can imagine, but to me it all felt a little mid-evilish.

An extra tid-bit...Cornell has many international students and as we were leaving and walking through the crowds two different sets of Asian girls stopped Luke and asked to take their picture with him. He loved it and thought it was pretty funny! I tried to get my camera out to get a picture of them taking a picture, but I was to slow, and I never thought it would happen a second time - I was still to slow.


Alissa said...

it's totally the blonde hair... asians are obsessed with blondes b/c it's uncommon. most of them rarely, if ever see a real person with blonde hair... especially over in china/japab

Cathy said...

My boys would have loved this burning too!! How strange?

Your boys are such blondies and handsome too!!

Sarah said...

I love the title, I can totally hear you saying it :) That is so funny that they do that! What a random thing. But boys do love to burn things, and the bigger the fire the better :) And that's so funny about them wanting a picture with your blonde little boys! So funny. We had all kinds of people, especially asians, taking pictures of Katie running around in front of the castle in her princess dress at Disneyland. I'm wondering if our kids are going to end up on random people's blogs and stuff now - who knows!

Ambyr said...

Remember when that happened years ago when you guys came to San Francisco with us?? I remember two Asian girls stopping to take a picture with your Luke. This was before I had my Luke, I think...So funny!!

stephen & lauren reber said...

I just don't get it!