Monday, July 21, 2008

Fun Filled Family Weekend

2 weekends ago (the weekend of the unfortunate hole in the head accident) G & G Rollins came to visit us and I think we set a record for the maximum amount of attractions seen in 3 and a half days. Here's a run down...

We started Friday morning in the Constitution Center and then grabbed a Philly Cheese Steak before picking up Nathan at the train station. Next we stopped by Costco (yes, I know, very tourist worthy) so that Nathan could birthday shop and we could grab some snacks. Next we picked up Ben and made it back to downtown for the Duck Boat Tour Ride. Luke especially enjoyed the quackers...all weekend long. We ate at The Tavern, which is a tavern turned restaurant that dates back to the 1700s. Ben Franklin actually met John Adams at this historic tavern. Lastly we took the Lights of Liberty tour which is a night-time walking tour around historic Philly. You wear headphones for the narration and music and they light up certain buildings with pictures. It's pretty cool!

These pictures were taken at the Constitution Center. Luke is signing the declaration of independence.

Saturday was Nate's birthday and he requested a day at Hershey Park - the amusement park. It was super hot, super crowded, but still lots of fun. Fortunately they have a lot of water attractions so mid day we all changed into our suits and tried to stay wet.

One of the most fun things for me was seeing Caleb ride the baby rides all by himself. He's getting so big!

Sunday morning we went to church and then visited Valley Forge National Park. We took a bus around the park and learned (or re-learned) lots of revolutionary history. Afterwards we drove over to a big Amish settlement in Lancaster. We took a tour through an Amish house and had an amazing "family style" dinner. It was super, super good. Better than the meal at The Tavern and only a third the price!

Monday morning Ben went back to work and the boys and I met G & G downtown for a few more hours before they headed to the airport. We visited the Liberty Bell, took a carriage ride (another high light for Luke), watched a short video in the visitors center and then took the tour through Independence Hall.

After the tour, which we left early so that G & G would make it to the airport on time, Luke crashed and burned! No wonder the kid couldn't walk straight with all the things we drug him around to do!


Sarah said...

You guys are amazing! I love all of the things that you do. And so cool that you've seen so many fun things that are part of American history, that is so cool. It sounds like an amazing adventurous whirlwind weekend with your parents! I don't know how you do it all!! :)

stephen & lauren reber said...

What an amazing three days of sites to take in--I really need to get myself back East.

Brittany said...

I love how close you live to all that cool stuff!

Waltman said...

Nicole I'm glad you are having so much fun there. I have been keeping up on you guys all summer and just added you as a link on our blog. I hope that's okay.