Thursday, July 10, 2008

Grandma What?? - (Edited due to issues)

I never hated my maiden name (Dutson), but I definitely think I upgraded with Rollins. I did not "upgrade" family heritage, simply the phonetic sound of a name. I would wager that most married women prefer the sound of their name with either their maiden or married name. Does that mean they favor that part of their family over the other? I think not! Okay, maybe some do, but I DON'T!

Nicole Rollins seems to have a much more sophisticated sound and much less, sort of dumpy sound than Niki Dutson. It sounds, people, sounds, not is-having nothing to do with the Dutson people being or not being dumpy. I mean, come on, they almost rhyme - Dutson/dumpy.

Recently Luke has given the Dutson name a whole new look by affectionately referring to my mom as "Grandma Nutson." Gotta love that! (The entire reason for this post.)

PS This post is not meant to be disrespectful to all the wonderful Dutson family who embrace and love their name. I love my Dutson heritage! I have never felt any embarrassment about my name and would gladly take it back, not that I gave it up, but you know what I mean...or do you??? (that is said with humor, sarcasm and love, I promise!)


Kristi said...

There are a few nuts in our family....
No, I will not name names, but I will say: I AM NOT ONE OF THE NUTTY ONES! :]

Sarah said...

That is so funny! I went from Hunter to Robertson... not much of a change really, but I'm still partial to Hunter, but Robertson's growing on me the longer I have it :) Christian's crazy genealogy mother says, "One good Scottish name for another!" She is so funny. We have some pretty good nutty relatives too! :)

Would a girl's trip this fall be hard for you guys? I've been missing all of you girls that have left and it would be so fun to get together. What do you think?

stephen & lauren reber said...

Amen to Sarah's comment!!

Heather Caitlin Ashby said...

Oh I think Dutson is a cute name and Rollins is a very professional name. I like them both. I have to say I think I def upgraded from Steadman to Ashby :) I think it suits me better.
So Natalie even auditioned with Mark but had a misunderstanding when Nigel called her number so she didn't make it. She was pretty sad about it. Have fun at your dance class!!

Lauren Green said...

He is now the 5th baby I know born within a week of my due date! I picked a good time to get pregnant. All the cool kids were born that week =)