Tuesday, July 29, 2008


This last weekend we drove down to Gettysburg, PA with some friends for some US history appreciation. We rented the Gettysburg movie Friday night - Ben got through it, I fell asleep after Part I. It's a long movie, but was helpful to review before getting there!

We bought the "self auto tour" CD's at the book shop in the visitor's center. You just slip them in, follow the signs, stop when they tell you, and listen. The narrator tells you what you're looking at along with all sorts of extra facts. We really enjoyed them and loved that we could go at our own pace.

I do hope that the soldiers didn't look as happy as Luke does holding their guns!

We drove down with our friends, the Crutchfields. Those are their kids, Ivy & Lane with Luke & Caleb at the pizzeria we stopped at for dinner.

This wild flower field wasn't part of the tour or any specific battle site, but we thought it was absolutely amazing so we stopped to take pictures. Unfortunately we did not do it justice.

This photo is on Little Round Top where one of the most inspiring battles occurred. Ben is purposely not smiling in this photo because he thought it to strange to be smiling where so many men died.

We're really glad we made this trip. We talked briefly about finding a hotel and staying a night, but thought, "how much could there possibly be to see?" We definitely could have stayed another day. The little town is so pleasant and was particularly charming as the sun was setting and families were together outside ice cream shops. I look forward to taking my boys back when they're older.


Sarah said...

You're making me think we need to get out there and see these historical sites someday... and that I should learn about them... ;) It looks like you guys are having such a fun summer down there!

Big Brad said...

can you look up some cool places for me to see in my town? youguys always find the best places to go!

Kami said...

You guys look like you're have having so much fun out there. I'm sad that I can't come see you guys this summer. Love you!

Myra said...

gettysburg is one of my absolute favorite places. i remember going as a teenager and feeling the reverence of patriotism, something i had never experienced before. i can't wait to go back. maybe we'll end up in the east and have the opportunity to tour all of the historical sites like you do!

Anna McF said...

Fun trips!

Stacie said...

Man, we need to refresh our history! That is cool that you guys live so close to things like that!

stephen & lauren reber said...

I have actually had a chance to visit those sites--wish I'd been smart enough to rent the movie 'Gettsburg' before hand though...I bet it made the whole experience more real.