Tuesday, December 9, 2008

And Finally...the Halloween Pictures

Here is my costume winner. Caleb took 2nd place in the Johnson school costume contest and won us gift certificates to Purity Ice Cream. Notice the smeared eye make-up...it took much bribbing to let me paint his face, but so worth it! Is he not the cutest?? The cutest part, really, was his legs. The costume's pants are rather tight fitting, and we don't own any little boy clothes that are tight fitting. It was so cute to watch his little chicken legs and dippered butt run around.

Ben was highly disappointed in Luke's uncreative choice of SpiderMan. He told Luke, "1 in 4 boys is SpiderMan, don't you want to be something different?" To which Luke told him AGAIN that he wants to be SpiderMan.

Here is Luke's progression of head wear throughout the Halloween week. At the first party, Ben's school party for families, he wore the costume mask.

To the next party, the church trunk or treat, he asks me if I can paint his face like SpiderMan. It didn't take long for him to realize those masks are ridiculously uncomfortable. Here is how it looked by the end of the night.

Finally, on the day of Halloween he decides that "sometimes SpiderMan wears a headband." He wasn't willing to sit for the 15 minutes it took me to paint his face or wear the suffocating mask and so here he is as SpiderMan/Rambo.

Also this year Ben and I made a costumed appearance...we were able to con friends into watching our boys after trick or treating so that we could go to the Johnson School party. It was fun! Ben's pirate hat didn't fit his big head so without me standing beside him Ben got mistaken for a rocker because Yes, that is eyeliner around his eyes.

Ey, Mady!! Sorry about the throw back to October, but better late than never!


Sarah said...

Caleb is such a cute little skeleton! The look on his face in that first picture is so, so cute. I love that you all dressed up, too! So fun that you and Ben could go out to a costume party together, we haven't done anything like that for years! I also love Luke's spiderman headgear progression, I wouldn't want to wear the mask either! ;)

Brittany said...

Great costumes for the whole gang! I probably would have thought Ben was a rocker without you, too :)

Brooke said...

Wow those are some wild pictures, Ben looks great. I wanted to be pirates this year too, but Sean wasn't having it. So he chose a socket and plug...nice I know. So you're heading here for Christmas? Do you guys still owe the house in our neighborhood? I don't know the people who live there if there is anyone.

Anna McF said...

Fun costumes for everyone!

Trina said...

Those picture were worth the wait. Awesome costume. What did you wear it to?