Tuesday, January 6, 2009

3 days drive to Mexico

Ben finished a 3 day drive last week and is safely in Monterrey. Big thanks to the Hartung's in Kentucky, the Reber's in Texas, and the Pratt's in Monterrey for giving Ben a place to sleep. We really appreciate it!! Ben began orientation on the 7th and his classes begin on the 12th. The boys and I hope to fly in around the 13th...it's still yet to be determined. Ben has got to find us some housing and we're hoping that it doesn't take to much longer.

Stay tuned for more updates and Christmas pictures!


Waltman said...

busy busy little family. I was sad today when I drove by Hasbrouck and realized you guys aren't going to be around. You're missing a TON of snow...good luck getting settled in MEXICO!

Sarah said...

How exciting!!! I am so excited for you guys, I think this will be such a neat semester. Good luck getting everything settled down there!

It was SO great to see you!!! I am so glad we could get together, Anna was so happy to see Luke and I wish we could get together more. It felt just like old times! We miss you guys! And I can't wait to hear about Mexico!