Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Luke is 8!

In January Luke turned 8 and had a bunch of parties. First, with cousins at Grandma Rollins house.
Second, at Jack & Jill Lanes with friends. They played Laser Tag, ran, screamed, and tackled each other in the party room. It was fun to see Luke with his friends. Usually they play outside or at school so I don't see how he interacts with kids other than Caleb and Greta. He's quite crazy.

Lastly, a small party after he was baptized this past Saturday. It was a great and memorable day!

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Paul, Kami and Henry said...

I hate that I missed his Baptism! Happy Birthday Lukie!

Sarah said...

I don't even know why, but that last picture of you and your handsome boys in their suits brings a tear to my eye. Luke just looks so grown up! I can't believe that our little tiny babies are so big! It looks like Luke's 8th birthday couldn't have been better.