Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A few more Hawaii pics

Forgot a few things...took a whale watching boat tour and saw 2 full whale breaches (where they come fully out of the water). I missed the closest, coolest breach because a big, fat guy was standing right in front of me with his camera. I heard all the 'ohhs' and 'ahhs' but all I saw was a giant man with big splashes on each side of him. Bummer.
Hanging from the Banyan tree in Lahaina where we did some eating and shopping.

Stand-up paddling or SUPing with Nathan's high school friend who lives on the island and took us on a awesome hike the last day which included necessary swimming in a freezing pond in order to continue on the hike. I screamed the entire swim. Cold is not me thing, but the hike was super fun. Just my level of treachery.

I never did catch a wave, but I got up without falling.

Ben did catch some waves, but he also fell onto a sea urchin.

It seems some are venomous and others are not. Luckily this one was not. Left a few little barbs in his fingers which are still working their way out.

Our wonderful family minus Tammy and Dan. Tammy had a baby days before we left! We missed them!

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Paul, Kami and Henry said...

Wow, looks like an awesome trip! It makes me want to go on vacation. Oh, and you look 25 years old in the picture by the tree - at the luau, I think?? You're smokin' sista!

Oh and I'm pretty sure that mom told me it was YOU that got stung by a JELLYFISH. Ha, not quite!

Sarah said...

What an AMAZING trip! You guys definitely got a lot in! I love the picture of you jumping above the clouds. And you look amazing, Nicole! Seriously one hot mama! :)

Anonymous said...
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