Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ben’s Been Busy

Hiya! Is he about to do what you think he's gonna do???








If you are wondering if I jumped too you must be out of your mind, and don't know me to well!!

Also, how could we leave Mexico without going to Luche Libre??


Ben went with some guys from school, but we hope to go back with the boys before we leave. Ben said that between matches all the kids get to go up and mess around. Luke will love it!


Ben with Christopher (from Holland) and Mark (a native). They actually had to give a little presentation on the Luche event.




Just a cool picture.


Sarah said...

Your husband is insane! I can't believe he did that, looking at those pictures even scares me a little! And you have to take Luke to the wrestling and take lots of pictures, I can only imagine how much he would love it! I love all of the fun things you guys do!

The Chrissy Herself said...

so... what is the exact reason ya'll are in Mexico again? Cuz from the look of things...

when are you guys making the trek back to NY? We would LOVE it if you came through San Antonio! The parentals mentioned how great it would be to see you again and I want to meet your boys!

Big Brad said...

I am so jealous.

Kristi said...

NEVER a dull moment for Mr. Ben Rollins! And yes, I knew that you wouldn't do such a CRAZY stunt Niki! :)

Anna said...

Fun and adventurous times. The pac n play photos made me laugh.

Brittany said...

I would NEVER do that either! Glad Ben made it out alive! Looks like Chrissy is proposing a trip through S.A. to New York?! We should also meet up if you drive through Oklahoma!