Sunday, March 29, 2009

Q & A with Luke

This Sunday Luke gave a little talk in Primary and the theme was Family Members Have Important Responsibilities. I asked Luke what the jobs were for each of the people in our family and this is what he said. The bullet points are quoted answers.

What is Daddy's job in our family? What does Daddy do?
  • work
  • get a new job
  • goes to school
  • drives
What does Mommy do?
  • knows the rules (someone has to!!)
  • they love to hear favorite songs
  • meet with friends
  • play with kids
What do you have to do?
  • to be good (yes!)
  • listen to Mommy (and heck, yes!!)
  • play with Dad and get rides on his shoulders
  • follow the rules (at least he knows it even if he doesn't always do it - that's a start, right?)
  • eat and grow big
What does Caleb have to do?
  • not cry
  • play with toys
  • get better at playing
I used some of these answers to come up with a talk. It's always fun to ask my boys questions interview style. Luke drew a picture of his happy family that he held while giving his talk. He did a good job!


Brittany said...

How funny, we had this discussion about responsibilities in primary too (where I teach the CTR B class) and the answers were similar but for mom they said almost in unison "cook and clean." At least Luke doesn't just see you as the family maid like these kids do :)

Kami said...

How cute! I love his responses, especially the one about hearing favorite songs. You do make them sing lots of songs :)

Myra said...

Abe had the same talk last Sunday and gave a very similar talk. Dad makes $, mom cleans, and Otho feeds the fish. He did a great job giving his talk, but since we were substituting in Primary, Riley was on the front row, so half of Abe's talk was in a baby voice to his younger sister. What a hoot it was!

Hayter Family said...

So funny...Kellen had that same talk on sunday. What a great idea to ask him the questions. Are you guys getting packed up?