Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Little Caleb

So last week, Caleb woke up with a red eye. I thought maybe he had pink eye, but there wasn't any goop in it and the whites of his eye were still white and not irritated. We called Doc Grandpa and he said without the goop or redness in the eye it was more likely a bug bite or an allergy. Either way, for about 3 days Caleb's eye was swollen to almost closed. Into the 3rd day he tripped at the church and wacked his cheek bone which slightly bruised, and bonked his lip which bled and swelled up. Poor thing looked like he had been mugged. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture. All I have is this adorable one which resembles what he looks like post injuries! Aren't those cheeks the most pinchable?

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Sarah said...

So pinchable! Caleb is so, so cute. I'm sorry that he's had such a rough go of things the last little while! I'm sure he's just as adorable with all the bumps and bruises!

Kami said...

You can't post pictures like that! They make me miss those boys even more than I already do. I can still hear his voice saying "Batman punch!"

Dutson Fam said...

Poor little Cubs!